Tickets and prices

We offer different tickets for different needs. You can choose between individual tickets and several types of season tickets. Here is all the information you need about our tickets for the archipelago traffic.


Individual tickets

You purchase your ticket on the boat. Hang on to your ticket throughout the journey and give it to the boat crew when you disembark.

The price for your journey depends on how far you travel. Single one way tickets cost from 45 up to 130 SEK, or 30-80 SEK for children up to 19 and pensioners. Children up to 6 years old travel for free. Call +46 8 679 58 30 for price info.

Prices for our most common journeys:
StockholmVaxholm75/50 SEK
StockholmGrinda90/60 SEK
StockholmFinnhamn/Möja130/80 SEK
StockholmUtö130/80 SEK
StockholmArholma/Rödlöga/Norröra130/80 SEK
StavsnäsSandhamn75/50 SEK
ÅrstaUtö75/50 SEK
NynäshamnNåttarö/Rånö/Ålö75/50 SEK
AnkaruddenLandsort75/50 SEK

Reduced fee

Children between ages 7-19 and those over 65 pay a reduced fee for tickets and travel cards. Tickets cost from 30 up to 90 SEK depending in how far you travel. Children up to 6 years old go on our boats for free.

Travel cards

Note that all travel cards must be activated in our ticket machines onboard. Ask the crew or use our selfservice machines if avaliable. When you activate your card or make a purchase with it onboard you will get a paper ticket, you leave this to the crew when you disembark.

Season tickets

Waxholmsbolaget has two season tickets that allows unlimited travelling during a specific time period, one valid for five days and one valid for 30 days. Please note that your season ticket must be activated once you have boarded the boat, and you will get a paper ticket which you give to our crew when you disembark.

The 30 day ticket costs 750 SEK or 450 SEK with reduced fee, plus a cost for the ticket holding smart card at 20 SEK.

The 5 day card (also called the Island Hopping pass) costs 420 SEK for everyone, plus a cost for the ticket holding smart card at 20 SEK.

Cards with credit

Waxholmsbolaget has the same ticket holding smart card, the Access Card, as the public transportation company for land traffic in Stockholm, SL. You can load this card with credit and use the money to buy tickets for both land and sea traffic (this is called SL Access credit or Reskassa in swedish). You top up your credit at our terminals at Strömkajen, Stavsnäs and Vaxholm, or at SL Center and SL ticket machines.

Waxholmsbolaget has a travel card called Båtkortet, or the Boat Card in english. This card costs 750 SEK and for that you get 1000 SEK credit on your card. You then use the card to buy tickets on the boat.