Steamboat tours

It was, of course, the sea and the beautiful nature that enticed artists, writers, wholesalers and producers to first explore the archipelago in the beginning of the 20th Century. But why should life on the countryside be less comfortable than life in the city? A tour of rank was half the enjoyment!


And that is how we began building our boats with elegant salons and dining rooms which were equal in elegance to the Grand Hôtel. The food onboard was first class and the service excellent. However, liquor licenses were not allowed according to the law and a severe sign on the wall. This was easily solved, explains writer Kar de Mumma who remembers his father Hasse Z and his friends onboard the s/s Saltsjön: ”The wholesaler ordered in extra smörgåsbord and Hasse Z had his aquavit pocket flask well stored with Mrs. Lindberg the restaurateur in the ice box of the ship for many years.”

Daytours with our steamships

Two of these grand old steamboats still operate in our regular archipelago traffic, s/s Storskär and s/s Norrskär. Here you can enjoy the view of the archipelago in comfortable salons, have a coffee or beer in the café or perhaps a classic Steamboat steak in the beautiful dining room. Mrs. Lindberg has naturally stopped working and been replaced by new capable restaurateurs, but everything else that the archipelago has to offer is still available. Nowadays, you can even order an ice-cold snaps if you want one - it's legal!

The steamboats are in service from May to September. 

If you don't want to go for a whole tour, you can choose other return trips from Vaxholm and Grinda.

Tickets and reservations

Since the steamboats are part of the regular trafic you can't reserve seats. On a sunny day, if you want to be sure to have a seat, we rekommend you to be at the jetty at least 30 minutes before departure. 

You can't buy tickets for the tour in advance either. You buy them on board and tickets cost as an ordinary return ticket to the end destination.

Fare exampels:

Tour towards Gällnö
232 kr adult fare, 162 kr discounted fare*

Tour towards Grinda
190 kr adult price,  138 kr discounted price*

Tour towards Husarö
280 kr adult price,  184 kr discounted price*

Tour towards  Ljusterö
190 kr adult fare,  138 kr discounted fare*

Tour towards Ramsö
158 kr adult price,  116 kr discounted price*

Tour towards Sandhamn
280 kr adult price,  184 discounted price*

*Discounted price: children 7-19 år, senior citizens and students

For more information about our tours with steamboats, contact Customer Services at or +468 600 1000.

Dine onboard

For reservations in the restaurants, use the online booking service below (you can change language to English by clicking the flag) or call +46 8 520 686 75 during business hours. Click here for the menu.